Hello world!

I love that everything in the computer world seems to start with ‘Hello World’ so I had to make that the title of my first post. If you have no clue what I’m talking about then you must geek out like I do. Or you missed the first day of coding 101. So here it is my Hello World post!

Parrots are my hobby and bring me great joy. Parrots are also something my hubby and I enjoy doing together. Right now we own 4. We have 2 Timneh African Greys that we rescued. 1 male Eclectus who is my clown and 1 Goffins Cockatoo. We also have 2 fosters, a Blue & Gold Macaw and a Jardine. If that isn’t enough to keep us busy we have 2 lab mixes and 14 ducks.

Most people want to know why parrots? They understand cats and dogs but not parrots. Honestly, I never understood it either. In fact I only agreed to get a bird because my husband had them earlier in his life and loved them dearly. He talked so fondly of them and missed them so much I insisted we get another one for him. I wasn’t in love with the idea at all. I thought birds we loud, messy and a pain to take care of and all of that can be true. But in return I wasn’t prepared for the amazing love you receive back, the conversations with the Greys that are so real it’s scary, the hugs from the Cockatoo and the Macaw, the silliness of an Eclectus. But we didn’t start there. We started with one green cheek conure. She loved everyone. Sang, mimicked and made herself known a lot. She was beautiful. All she wanted was to be with us. And yet we were inexperienced at spotting the signs of an ill bird. She was lethargic for a green check. She was too calm. We didn’t know that she was in such poor health or our lives probably would never have been changed so drastically. Her health took a rapid decline over the weekend and my husband and I stayed up all night to try to nurse her back to health but it wasn’t meant to be. She passed away in my arms early that Sunday morning. I sobbed when we lost her. My husband stood there apologizing to me and to her. At that moment, it parrots were no longer his thing, they were our thing.

We started looking for more parrots to rescue. We ended up with the 2 greys, who needed much love and work. Then the Ekkie became a very early Christmas present for me. Then we adopted Grif our goffins Cockatoo. Then we decided we needed to make more of a difference. Adoption is great, but that only helps the ones we actually adopt. Fostering was more our style. We redid our basement, added avian lighting, laminate floors, controlled the temperature and the humidity and now we had a huge bird room for all the other birds we decided to foster. We took the classes offered by the local rescue, we were approved and started on the wild fostering journey. If you’ve never considered it, I highly recommend fostering! There are tons of birds who need homes and love.