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Welcome to my crazy life! I love animals, especially parrots, I also love things that are purple. It’s my dream to one day own a Hyacinth Macaw (the closest thing to a purple parrot around!) but in the meantime I’m happy and very blessed to have the parrots that I currently have. So without further ado let me introduce you to the flock!


Groovy Grif


This is our lovable Goffins Cockatoo, Grif. He chose us. At an adoption event he flew to my husband and wouldn’t get off his shoulder. He ended up moving in later that week. If you notice the wall he is also an avid interior decorator.  His favorite things are head scritches, almonds in the shell and more head scritches. This boy will let you pet him all day long. He also loves to dance. If you are sad he is great at making you smile!

Gabby Giddy

Talkin’ Timmy


Timmy is an amazing bird! But his story is very sad. We rescued Timmy and Giddy at the same time. Neither of them was healthy but Timmy was in worse shape. When we brought him home I told my husband that I doubted he would survive the week, but we would try. Timmy had a necrotic toe that needed immediate amputation. Both birds were underweight by 50-100g. Timmy had an open and split keel bone. He barbered his wings, and whoever had clipped them did a horrible job. Timmy has kept me up at night with bleeding feathers, bleeding beaks (he would fall easily after the amputation and without wings in good shape for balance), a bleeding keel bone, etc. His health has improved so much with good diet and a safe cage. He can balance again, he is molting those feathers and that keel bone is mostly heeled. He is my chatty cuddler. Everyday I hear new words from him. His gentle spirit, and his trust in us after all the bad stuff he’s been through with other humans makes my heart sing. Even though I shouldn’t have favorites, he is my favorite.

Terrific Toby


I have newer pictures but this one steals my heart. I should have known then that he was a clown. Toby is a clown. I’d heard that Ekkies could be clowns. I never realized how true that was until we got Toby. He loves to hang upside down from the top of his cage and flap his wings and makes all kinds of noise. The first time he did this it scared me to death. I’d heard of birds getting caught in cages or toys. By the time I got to his cage to check on him, he’d moved on to attacking a toy. He also loves water. Every day I give him a glass pyrex dish with some water in it and everyday he takes a bath (along with the walls and floors).

Sweet Sammie


Samantha is a foster. She needs some love and some training. This sweet girl is staying with us until she finds a home through the rescue we work with. Fostering is incredible! If you have parrot experience, the room, and a desire to change a bird’s life; I highly recommend contacting your local parrot rescue about being a foster home.

Prized Petey


Petey came in a few days ago. She’s a very sweet bird. Right now she’s in quarantine. We took her to her first avian vet visit on Wednesday. We’re still waiting on her labs to come back. She is quite the talker. I’ll update as I learn more.

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